Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gallstones is one more death

The housewife Suely Sena da Silva, 43, died last Saturday at around 13h, the Municipal Hospital Oriximiná victim of dengue hemorrhagic fever. She leaves her husband and five children.

According to the family, Suely began to show symptoms on the morning of last Wednesday. In the evening, was taken by her husband John Araujo da Silva to the hospital where she was treated with one tablet of dipyrone and released.

But the next day, the picture has worsened and she was taken to hospital, this time by daughter, Nilma da Silva. "She arrived at the hospital with bleeding," said Nilma. In the HM, it was attended by GP Rosângela Warrior Milk, which underwent a series of tests. The result confirmed dengue hemorrhagic fever, and gallstones. Suely still remained in the emergency room, where he received the first drugs to be subsequently hospitalized.

On Saturday, before the severity of the disease, the board decided to forward the HM Suely to Santarem, but the plane that would never even take off: 13h, the housewife could not resist bleeding and died.

The family, very shaken, not wanted to record an interview. The report tried to talk to health officials, but no one was found to give explanations. The funeral took place yesterday at Our Lady of Sorrows Cemetery.


The patient admitted to the Emergency Hospital and Emergency Dr. Augusto Rodrigues Chaves, last Saturday, with suspected dengue hemorrhagic fever in Marituba was transferred early yesterday morning to the Divine Providence Hospital.

The state of her health was not disclosed. The patient's name, 46, is also kept secret. The clinical director Avelar Feitosa only confirmed by telephone that a woman suspected of the disease was admitted to Providence moved from Augusto Chaves. Even today, the hospital will issue a technical note indicating the state of her health.

In the first hospital where the woman was hospitalized, no one wanted to talk about it. A nurse who declined to be identified said the hospital had not reported any cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever, dengue fever only. "That's the only thing I can say for sure," he said.

While waiting for an answer on the case, the team caught a DAILY pit with the cover broken with weeds around. The patients said that the problem is very old and uncomfortable. "We have asked that action on pit. I think it has even become a focus of dengue, "said the housewife Cilene Silva. At the hospital, no one wanted to comment.

Awareness Icoaraci

A dragnet against dengue to the rhythm of Carnival. That was the way that the passage Oscarina Darco residents in the district of Icoaraci found to avoid proliferation of mosquitoes at the site.

Accompanied by a samba school drum Independent Youth Village Smile, residents went out walking the streets in the district advising and guiding on the evils of disease. "The city has been here, has advised. But we need to reinforce it with everyone. Let's knock on the door and show that we have to engage in the fight against this disease that kills and causes so much suffering, "said Regiane Farias, one of the directors of the Friends of Icoaraci.

During the walk, residents handed out flyers to neighbors about the disease. Plastic bottles, poorly packaged junk and anything that might serve to focus dengue was collected during the trawl.

She said the idea came from cases that have begun to increase on-site. "Dengue is here already becoming well known. Everyone knows someone who has had the disease. We need to change this reality, "said Regiane.

Another concern of residents is that Icoaraci was the first place in Pará to register a case of dengue type 4, which did not circulate for more than 20 years in the country. "We were scared. Now, home care has increased greatly. I am very afraid of getting this disease, "said the shopkeeper Nilza Smith

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