Thursday, December 22, 2011

Elderly can operate Gallbladder after court ruling

There are more than a week and admitted to the Hospital Emergency Room Bar Herons, Mr. CVL, 79, had not even expected to take place when the doctor recommended surgery. With gallstones, and lack of equipment to perform the surgical procedure in that city, the old man was advised to be transferred to Cuiabá.
Given the urgency of the case and hopes which SVC was submitted, the son of the patient came to the Public Defender in Barra do Herons last 11 days, being served by the Public Defender Anthony Martini Milton Fernandes, the same day, sent the action to the appropriate forum.
In less than three hours, the request was granted by the court, determining that the municipality take the elderly to Cuiaba for the surgery prescribed by doctors. As legally required, under penalty of a daily fine of $ 10,000, the patient was immediately transported by ambulance to the Capital, accompanied by his son and a professional nursing.
The same night the elderly man was taken to Cuiabá, where the hospital is awaiting the results of recent tests and subjected to the surgical procedure.
Dr. Milton recalls that the proposed action, the Public Defender also includes the state of Mato Grosso to be responsible for effecting the right to health of the patient. "The state was ordered to adopt without delay take all necessary steps to perform the procedure medically indicated. This right is ensured even if it is necessary hiring particular vendor, "says the Advocate.
"Enforcing the law of assisted is our mission," said Dr. Milton, receiving the thanks of the son of patient care provided promptly.

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