Sunday, November 21, 2010

Home remedy for gallstones

According to those who believe and spread recipes made
at home to cure diseases that are not always
easy, I take a tablespoon of vinegar
apple half
glass of water before or after meals, do
disappear complaints (pain caused by stone
vesicle), in a crisis, or to avoid the crisis if the
processing is done on the onset of symptoms.
As "preventive" treatment just made: a
teaspoon vinegar in half glass of water, fasting, 2 or
3 times per week.

A widely used treatment for domesticated
DELETE (eject)
gallstones is as follows:
(This treatment came here through comments
in the text that was previously released
with the same title)

Take on an empty stomach, 150 ml olive oil
(Some designate the "olive oil" with "heritage
Spanish terminology). Let stand for an hour and
then take a purgative (to be replaced by
tablespoon cider vinegar or tea laxative). On this day
due to diet and eat light meals and HEALTHY.
Says it has made you feel a little weak, but
able to expel all of the stones vesicles
(Which are well greenbacks).
"My friends were very grateful for this remedy.
I had no symptoms, but still took both,
WHY OLIVE OIL is good for lowering the
bad cholesterol. "

There is a similar treatment that can replace this
for those who can not (I can not swallow
day 15
ml olive oil):
Take a tablespoon of olive oil, fasting (I
I can take the oil by placing in the mouth and chew
a piece of bread or toast). 20 minutes and is expected
becomes a tablespoon of cider vinegar with
glass of water. By doing this treatment for several
You can also remove gallstones.

When the stones are large muoito must begin
Treatment with tea.
There are several plants used in tea to problems
gallbladder. Here are some of the names:
- Blade of avocado (and lazy bladder stone)
- Boldo (Boldo and Chile) in the treatment of gallbladder
- Burdock (ditto)
- Tea Lucy Lee (or verbena), Lippia citriodora
- Tea leaf pine (undo calculations
bile - gallstones)

Please note:
Who has gallbladder problems should avoid:
- Coffee;
- Dried fruit;
- Stone fruits like peaches, mangoes, etc.
- Fried
- Fats in general all kinds of food
considered "heavy."

Note: There are studies that say that coffee (caffeine) not
wrong, but quite the opposite: it helps to treat. However,
the problem of coffee is not caffeine, but a large
toxin amount (over 3000) that contains and passes into
body. Caffeine may help treat, but
much damage.
The role of toxins is essential as a "catalyst"
this and other problems

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Recovery after surgery

The post-operative pain is much smaller than in conventional surgery, and usually the patient is admitted to the hospital one day and return to normal activities within 10 to 15 days. Being an abdominal surgery, however slight it is, there will certainly be some post-operative pain, in addition to nausea and vomiting can occur within 12 hours, but the effects are much smaller today than the past, in conventional surgery. If a liquid diet is well tolerated and no vomiting, the patient is discharged the next day. He can get out of bed soon after surgery and recovery is gradual, the person feeling better the next day, and removing the points within a semana.Entretanto, the patient has to communicate with your beautiful and nice doctor if you develop fever, increased pain or swelling in the abdomen, continuous coughing, wheezing, difficulty swallowing or secretion into the wound after surgery, or some other kind of discomfort.