Friday, October 23, 2009

Tea to cure gallstones

The unknown is the burdock plant a widely used for medicinal purposes. At first, used it for skin problems like blemishes clear skin. The fact is that burdock has proven effective in other fields, such as to remove gallstones (some look for how to end the stones in visícula - but the gallbladder is correct). Learn here how to make a tea to cure and remove gallstones and relieve symptoms.


You will need:
A tablespoon of sliced burdock root
A cup of water
How to prepare:
Boil the roots of burdock for about five minutes in water. After this time, remove from heat and let the root infusion for another ten minutes. That done, simply strain the tea.

Take burdock tea twice a day.

Children and people with diarrhea or open wounds should avoid the use of burdock tea,
Side effects such as irritation of the skin and eyes, convulsions and respiratory failure may appear,
Do not pass the tea in the skin, because you run the risk of irritation.

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