Friday, October 23, 2009

Gallstones can kill !

The evil of gallstones can cause various symptoms released very intense and serious, the most common:

- Severe pain in the abdomen (belly) - on the right side or her stomach. This pain usually lasts from 35 minutes to 2 hours, but when longer may indicate what is happening complicação.Neste a case, call your doctor without delay .- (feeling sick) and vomiting, inflammation or infection of the gall-Jaundice ( yellowing) - Acute pancreatitis
Most patients who have gallstones never have symptoms. There are no medical data to determine which patients will have symptoms. However, when the patient has one of the above symptoms, the possibility of repeating the same symptoms or have a complication is very great. Thus, in this situation it is important to see your doctor.
The possibility of someone have any symptoms or complications independent of the number or size of the stones. Sometimes just a small stone can cause very serious complications such as acute pancreatitis

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