Sunday, January 17, 2010

High-fat diet contributes to the appearance contributes to the increase of gallstones

You ever heard of cholelithiasis? In fact, this is the name given to the diagnosis of gallstones --
a sort of "pocket" that stores bile before that net work in the digestive process of food
mainly of fats, conducted by the intestine.

There are several factors related to risk of have gallstones, such as age (the frequency
increases with the aging process), pregnancy, obesity, sex (more frequent in women), therapy
HRT and high levels of triglycerides blood.

A person may have gallstones and not know, it does not present any symptoms. The "discovery" of
problem happens usually during routine examinations.
"The biliary colic, a kind of constant pain, which located in the upper right abdomen, is the most common symptom of people with stone gall. This pain is almost always accompanied by nausea, "explains Dr. Vladimir Schraibman, specialist in general surgery, gastric surgery and one adviser Robotic Surgery in the area of General Surgery and
Digestive Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein (Proctor Intuitive Robotic System). Expert states in this interview, several questions about this disease

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